With more than 25 years of soccer experience, the Pre K Kickers coaching staff is able to give a generous amount of knowledge to its campers. From basic motor skills to advanced soccer techniques; from discipline and listening skills to teamwork, our trainers are determined to tailor and adjust their teaching so that these benefits carry on to everyday life.

We offer soccer camps year round, targeted to 3- to 6-year-olds. Sessions are one hour long, once per week over an 8 week period – with no more than 12 campers in a class. These sessions are specifically designed for the age groups, and we encourage parental attendance and involvement. Not only do we want our students to be safe and comfortable, but we also wish to provide an unforgettable bonding experience for our families.


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Many schools are adding enrichment programs to their lists of services. These programs are meant to enhance their students' learning in ways that the existing curriculum cannot offer. Sports, music, and art are the most popular programs, which are usually taught by outside teachers or parents who are capable of providing their knowledge in these fields. These activities are key in physical, mental, and social development.


Pre K Kickers provides quality enrichment to schools in New Jersey by bringing in elements of their multi-week camps. The Pre K Kickers family firmly believes that learning should be fun. That's why we are able to turn soccer into an educational tool that children can use to aid in their fundamental learning experience.


For further information about Pre K Kickers helping your school or child, please call 862-781-0611 or email us at info@prekkickers.com.


We also offer S@S- Soccer at Schools, a free, demo class for children who are in school during the day, and cannot experience our program.


Coach Ken

Ken founded Pre K Kickers in 2009 with a goal to help young players fall in love with the game. He has been a committed soccer player for 30 years. He believes the coaches at Pre K Kickers provide a fun, energetic, and challenging environment where players walk away with more confidence, happiness, and improved athletic abilities.

Coach Justin

For more than 17 years, Justin has been engaged by playing soccer. He has played at many levels and is currently with the Centenary University team. As a Pre K Kickers coach since 2014, Justin understands the importance of the way the coaches interact with the kids and the difference it makes when learning.

Coach Edin

Edin has been involved in soccer for 18 years. His favorite part of coaching is helping the kids develop skills while learning to love the game. He believes the Pre K Kicker coaches create an enthusiastic environment and make the kids the number one priority, setting them apart from the rest.

Coach Argjent

Argjent has been a soccer player for 25 years, the last 4 of them have been spent with Pre K Kickers. He enjoys watching the young players learn the skills of the game while having a good time. He believes the passion and love the coaches put into the training drives the program to a higher level.

Coach Sebastian

Sebastian has been playing soccer for more than 15 years on a variety of teams, he even played in the NCAA tournament. He enjoys teaching the fundamentals of soccer and seeing the progress each kid makes from one practice to the next. Working with the other coaches, he believes they provide a fun, educational way to learn the game.

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Georgia, Manager

Georgia has been with Pre K Kickers for 7 years. Her customer service, dedication, and hard work has been instrumental in our overall success. Her loyalty and knowledge has made the Pre K Kickers experience smooth and professional for coaches, parents, and players.

Coach Josh

Josh has been with Pre K Kickers since the start and is currently the head trainer. He is also the head coach of Centenary University Mens soccer team. Josh feels the reason Pre K Kickers is the best soccer training company for young players is the fun, yet challenging, exercises and close personal relationships between coaches and players.

Coach Eric

Eric grew up playing soccer in Ireland and continued his involvement here by coaching in different states along the East Coast. He finds it important to be able to spread the passion for the game to younger players. With Pre K Kickers, he believes in the importance of the coaches being dedicated to help develop new players.

Coach Bardi

As an experienced coach, Bardi has trained 8- to 12-year olds in the past. The younger kids involved with Pre K Kickers made him realize he loves teaching the players the fundamentals of soccer – providing a fun, energetic environment allowing the players to be engaged in the game.

Coach Charlie

Charlie has played soccer for 15 years and recently played for the County College of Morris team. The thing he loves most about working with Pre K Kickers is the children, seeing the smiles on their faces and the excitement to learn makes the experience very rewarding.

Coach Richy

Richy has been a Pre K Kickers coach since 2014. As a coach he enjoys watching the kids progress and take the values they learn from the game and apply them to the real world. As a strength and conditioning specialist, he believes Pre K Kickers has the best coaches and trainers for all levels.

Coach Tati

Currently playing for the Fairleigh Dickinson University team, Tatiana has been ranked one of the top 20 soccer players in New Jersey. She loves being able to help kids develop into talented players with the assistance of the other Pre K Kicker coaches.

Coach Jason

During his time playing soccer, Jason has been able to participate in the Soccer Tours U.S., and win, two years in a row. He believes the coaches at Pre K Kickers are able to interact and challenge the young players in a positive way that makes them want to learn and grow on and off the field.

Coach Nat

For the last 13 years Nathalia has been playing soccer and currently plays for the Fairleigh Dickinson University team. She enjoys being able to make a difference while helping the young players develop their skills, especially with a unique group of coaches by her side.

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