Many schools are adding enrichment programs to their lists of services.  These programs are meant to enhance their students' learning in ways that the existing curriculum cannot offer.  Sports, music, and art are the most popular programs, which are usually taught by outside teachers or parents who are capable of providing their knowledge in these fields.  These activities are key in physical, mental, and social development.

Pre K Kickers provides quality enrichment to schools in New Jersey by bringing in elements of their multi-week camps.  The Pre K Kickers family firmly believes that learning should be fun.  That's why we are able to turn soccer into an educational tool that children can use to aid their fundamental learning.  For further information about Pre K Kickers helping your school or child, please call 862-781-0611 or email us at info@prekkickers.com.

We also offer S@S- Soccer at Schools, a free, demo class for children who are in school during the day, and cannot experience our program.

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